Contact us, preferably today rather than tomorrow, so we can have a good confidential discussion about the future of your company.

Nina Reinert

We know that being a leader and owner of a company can be a lonely job. We offer to be the confidential sparring partner and financial partner so that you do not stand alone with the decisions and risks.

What do we want?


We want to help smaller businesses evolve and grow. From our experience, there is a significant demand among owners of smaller companies for risk capital combined with the provision of resources and experience.


We invest in good, well-run companies that can eventually be developed into even larger and more successful ones. With a combination of our own experiences and capital, we will assist carefully selected companies in investing in growth-promoting activities, conducting acquisitions, strengthening solvency, or potentially executing a planned generational change. The funds we provide should be used to strengthen the existing business.


We primarily invest in companies with established management and organization as well as positive earnings and growth potential. The annual turnover may preferably have exceeded EUR 1,5 million, but we will assess each investment opportunity individually, and the potential for future growth will weigh heavily.

Ownership Share

Vital Invest A/S’s ownership share will typically be 10% and above. We are flexible regarding ownership distribution, as it is something we discuss and tailor on a case-by-case basis. It is important for us that the company owner and the daily management are motivated through ownership, so that we are “in the same boat” in that manner. A collaboration with Vital Invest A/S is built on mutual respect and good business practice. Vital Invest A/S primarily makes capital increase investments, where the investment funds are used for growth-promoting activities.

Let us help your business to develop and create growth.

How do we differentiate ourselves?

Unlike well-known capital funds, we have chosen to focus on collaborating with smaller companies.

We have documented experience in strengthening smaller companies and helping them grow.

Unlike capital funds, we do not have a strategy for when or how we exit the investment. Ownership typically lasts longer than the three to five years that are often the norm.

Overall, we differ from other business angels and capital funds in four key points:


Our investment team consists of a unique combination of experience and skills. We are experienced entrepreneurs who have been involved in building and selling several businesses.

We understand business operations from within and comprehend the limitations of resources in everyday life. Day-to-day operations need attention too.

Unique start-up process

We understand that many emotions are involved. Therefore, we have developed a unique start-up process that allows the business owner and Vital Invest A/S to get to know each other before any agreement to become business partners. Together, we align on the company’s starting point – and which growth opportunities are most important to pursue.


Our way of being. We are passionate individuals just like the business owner. We understand that the heart beats for the company and its loyal employees. We contribute with energy, joy, and a strong desire for an equitable partnership.

Private ownership

Vital Invest A/S is privately owned. The company’s owners have themselves built several companies and subsequently sold them with reasonable profits. We invest our own money and therefore have a hands-on approach.

Nina Reinert

We’re not number crunchers. We’re hands-on people, and the owning family themselves run a production company while also investing in smaller businesses.


Respekt Danmark ApS

CVR #: 36047720 
Business Area: One of the leading manufacturers in the Nordic region of detergents, cleaning products, dishwashing liquids, and personal care items.
Established: 1964

Victoria Soap A/B
Helsingborg, Sveden

Business Area: Soap factory with a new modern production lines, specializing in sustainable solid soaps for prominent B2B clients.
Established: 1905

Nowocoat Industrial A/S 

CVR #: 25067282 
Business Area: Nowocoat A/S is an innovative and modern paint and lacquer factory that delivers innovative, functional, and durable coatings for industrial, production, and professional use.
Established: 2014
Estate Partners-logo

Estate Partners

CVR #: 36507985 
Business Area: Development and operation of residential and commercial lease.
Established: 2014

Best Food Group 

CVR #:
Business Area: Modern factory that produces and developes kebab for wholesale and retail in Europe.
Established: 2021

The Team




We are very commercial. We spot opportunities in the market and understand how to create and maintain a focus on customer needs.

Our common characteristic is that we are action oriented. We understand the value of creating a concise and easily understandable action plan and then sticking to it.

Execution is the major difference between whether things succeed or not.

For us, the company and ambitions come first.

When we get into the deeper numerical exercises, our auditor Jørn Dam from the auditing firm Martinsen becomes part of the team.

Additionally, we have a close collaboration with the law firm DLA Piper.

Contact us, preferably today rather than tomorrow, so we can have a good confidential discussion about the future of your company.

We look forward to hearing from you. Feel free to call us confidentially at +45 42 44 00 33 or write to